Christmas wishlist

Posted in Link-uri on December 22nd, 2010 by EA

To Santa

So now I should write all I could ever wishin just one letter? That`s impossible.

Well, when you`re a kid you dream about toys, candies, playgrounds, cakes and good grades. Those are your wishes.

In your teens you`ll die for that boy to look at you just once. To tell you that he actually likes you, that you`re not just a good friend or a simple colleague as you thought. You dream to live the love of your life. Your first love. That`s your wish.

After 20 years you start to think about more serios problems like: S**t, I wanna finish school…like NOW!, I wanna find a job…a good one, maybe I`ll get married and thinking of having a baby or get settle with your career.

After 30 it doesn`t matter for the moment.

So, what do I want for Christmas?

Well, I know for sure that I want YOU.

That “you” I used to know back then so good.

That “you” that was my best friend.

That “you” I fancy about.

The “you” I fell in love.

Just that YOU!

It might be much, just how it might be a small thing for you to do Santa. So, if you think I`ve been a good girl, if you think I deserve it, if we deserve it than please give me the present; there are only couple of days to get it.

Love Ana

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